Equilibrium-Vitae is about living a balanced life. It was founded in Paris in 2012. The company creates in-house designs inspired on the meaningful Lotus Flower, Sacred Geometry and Pure Awareness.

All of Equilibrium’s designs have been created from a no-mind moment – from this love that is beyond words, a sense of freedom, and a deep feeling of oneness with all beings. 

 Equilibrium-Vitae offers a range of products to enhance your life and well-being.

 We look to inspire our customer to be free about a concept of the conventional, embrace authentic creativity, and take a jump into a world full of colors, pure energies, and most importantly pure love.

Equilibrium-Vitae dedicates offers all of its designs to the Universe, and to that creative energy that is within all of us.


- Team Equilibrium-Vitae

 Green Orange Fashion Fair  - Amsterdam - 2014

Green Orange Fashion Fair  - Amsterdam - 2014