EQV Ayurvedic Practitioner


After encountering Yogic teachings at a very young age, Dani always knew were her heart wanted to be. She has been blessed to have met lovely teachers that has guided her into these spiritual sciences of yoga and ayurveda. She has been trained in the formal Vedic Tradition from her teachers Dr. Vasant Lad, Myra Lewin,Sri. V. Sheshadri and Ranjini Koushik. 

Daniela works as an Ayurvedic Practitioner specialized in herbalism, PanchaKarma, Ayurvedic cooking and nutrition. She is originally from Venezuela and have been practicing both privately at her home spa in Venice, and also at the renowned Surya Spa Authentic Ayurveda as a PanchaKarma technician in the Pacific Palisades. 

Dani studied Chinese Herb Pharmacopeia at Emperor’s College in Santa Monica and also has studied at the East, West School Planetary Herbology with one of the world’s most respected and influential herbalist Dr. Michael Tierra. 

She believes that her purpose in this lifetime is to share the sweetness and healing energy of Ayurveda and the unconditional love of Divine mother Earth. With deep humility she offers all of her services to the Universe. 

 Gurukula Graduation with our Dear Dr. Lad, Pune India

Gurukula Graduation with our Dear Dr. Lad, Pune India

I did the kitchari diet for 3 days and I felt incredible afterwards. I felt healthy, clear, creative, content, and fulfilled with life. I loved the oil and herbal treatments Dani did for me. I highly recommend this Aruyvedic experience for anybody who wants to feel renewed and empowered. Dani is a beautiful soul and an inspirational human being!
— Lilli Keeve
Dani is a beautiful soul that with her love and Ayurvedic knowledge helped my son be more focused and engaged in his personal growth. We are thankful for knowing her”
— Chus Martinez
Joti was 8 years old when his teachers told me that he needed to be medicated for ADHD. My husband and I refuse to give him any medications and we went to Dani for her help. Since we started implementing the Ayurvedic approaches for health and balance (including nutrition, lifestyle, and herbs) that Dani was guiding us to do. We saw wonderful results! Joti is currently doing amazing in his studies! His teachers are absolutely amazed with all of the changes for good and without the use of medications !
— Glenda Perez
Dani’s Ayurvedic cooking was a very outstanding experience, the presentation,
taste and flavours were incredibly satisfactory, would like to repeat it.
Perhaps even take cooking classes!
— Isaias Medina
Ayurvedic Cooking Class was Healthy, tasty and balanced!
Absolutely delightful experience. Will keep taking lessons with Daniela,
a sweet and kind teacher. I 100% recommend.
— Maria C. Tripier


Mysore, India 2013